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How to travel without having to sell a kidney

First of all, don't panic. It can take a long time to get a decent vacation in terms of consecutive days off. Being poor and having a vacation is a paradox more complicated than understanding string theory, or writing a test, on your last exam, but there's one thing you should know: three days is enough to recharge your batteries for another three months of full-time work.

The most important thing is a group of at least 4 people and a maximum of 5 if you want to go with colleagues. The number is designed so that you can take tables on the train, so that you can withdraw enough money, so that you can take lines of vigilantes, so that you can tie the decisions submitted to a vote, and for other resources, which I will explain later.

With this grouping, transportation becomes quite varied because not only can you choose group discounts, but whether you choose car or train, it's more economical (for groups of 4 people, train, and for groups of 5, car is better).

If you choose to travel alone or as a couple, transportation is very different; either you choose places where hitchhiking is allowed or easier, or you share a car with several people in sections to get to selected points along the route.

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a travel itinerary:

-never travel with unprepared food;

- check supermarkets in cities or towns before you leave, as if you were staying in a hotel;

- make a shopping plan with a maximum per purchase so you can control savings and know when you can add goodies to your cart.

- сooking utensils: a light medium to small saucepan, basic cooking utensils and paper towels. For a plate, take tupperware because when you go through the residential checkpoint you can buy, cook and load food and stay within the agreed upon cost.

- use filtered bottles, this will be one way that we won't suffer from drinking water from other people's taps, thinking about possible gastrointestinal distress, that's what

 gets on camping trips.

- if someone has a friend at one of the checkpoints, you should fall in love with them; they will provide you with a kitchen where you can fill your dishes , a cozier bed and maybe even a more intimate shower.

-the coast is always a great ally: you can spend the night there, but as soon as the first ray of sun appears, you have to unpack your tent and be impeccably friendly in case a ranger walks by, you can read about it on the forums , more than once others have had such stories.

- Although the legislation does not allow it, there are still small open campsites where the cost of an overnight stay is symbolic.

- Making an itinerary using national and international shelters is one of the coolest opportunities for a backpacker, as he not only gets to know countless remote places, but also shares experiences with foreigners who find themselves in the same situation as himself, which is forever in the memory and expands the network :)

The good thing about traveling in a group is that if the hostel is full, you can split the group in two to see how things are going in the next one.

- Use the Couchsurfing network: very diverse, very easy and very honest: you have a couch in someone's house that can either offer you just that or can expand and give you your own kitchen and shower.

- Sightseeing or traveling is not about seeing the big cities you drive through, but about soaking up the scenery, the people, the air you breathe, and the "smell" of, say, "Asturias." If you drive in the countryside, you will save more on city transportation to get from one place to another.

Visiting nature parks, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to spend a vacation; to see the area from the inside out, its greenery, the care the residents have for it, its fauna, its natural environment. Wherever you go, don't leave your trash behind; be responsible for your own waste, don't do anything that could cause a fire, never be ripped off or left alone.

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