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Number 1 Job Platform in Singapore

WorkClass is a platform that offers jobs that you can get under 24 hours. They offer full time, contract, ad hoc, and part time jobs for various fields, such as admin, customer service, delivery, groceries, hospitality, sales, production, retail, supply chain, warehouse, transportation, and more. There are over thousands of trusted employers and recruiters that are registered in this platform. WorkClass is known to be the number 1 hiring platform in Singapore. It makes use of mobile technology and artificial intelligence to operate their platform and to make sure that job hunters find the jobs they are looking for in 24 hours. The hiring company and the potential employers can easily connect through the website as well. Since their launch in Jan 2020, they already received 100,000 job applications. Through the platform, WorkClass makes sure to provide opportunities for everyone. So if you are looking for a part time vacancy, then browse through the platform of WorkClass.

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