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Guide to night mode snapchat for iOS and Android

In an effort to make Snapchat easier on the eyes at night and in other low-light situations, the popular messaging app has introduced Dark Mode as an option in its latest update (iOS only). This article will explain how to turn on night mode snapchat and what you can expect from it. Note that this feature isn’t available on Android yet but may come out soon. If you have Dark Mode already, I’ll also tell you how to use it effectively so that yours snapchats are easier to see both during the day and at night.

How snapchat dark mode Works?

Turning on dark mode in Snapchat is as easy as tapping a single button—the same way you'd turn off night mode. If you're using an iPhone or iPad, that button is located in a specific place (more on that below). If you're using an Android device, it can be found in different spots depending on which model phone you have. After enabling dark mode, though, everything else works similarly across all platforms—if you want to use it long-term, just remember to switch back after several hours or when your power runs out. You'll know your device's battery has been drained if night mode doesn't automatically turn back on again. But don't worry: that's normal. Just make sure to enable dark mode again when your phone has regained power.

When Can I Use Dark Mode?

Recently, Snap officially launched its Night Mode feature for both iOS and Android users. The mode allows you to adjust your screen’s color temperature to better fit low-light environments. However, Night Mode isn’t exactly a permanent feature. Rather, it turns on automatically when night time rolls around (which differs depending on your location). If you live in a major city with plenty of streetlights, Night Mode is probably turned off when you check your phone in morning. The mode also has one other limitation: it can only be enabled within select apps—like Instagram—and even then it’s only an option if that app already supports Night Mode. Thankfully, there is another way to activate Night Mode at any time: turn on dark mode Snapchat!

How Do I Activate night mode snapchat?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, opening your camera, swiping right until you get to Settings and tapping it will let you know if dark mode is available on your device. If so, toggle it on! The process for Android devices is similar but slightly different. Open up your Snapchat app, tap Camera in the top left corner of your screen (1), scroll down to Settings (2) and hit Manage Preferences (3). Scroll alllll the way down until you see Light Theme at 25% (4) – click on that little baby! If a pop-up appears saying something along the lines of Dark mode isn’t yet supported in all countries just click OK. And voila!  You now have access to Snapchat’s night mode.

Why Is There a New Night Feature?

Snapchat has been under fire for a few months now, with people complaining about how slowly it works on smartphones. Instagram Stories seems to be a permanent fixture in most people’s lives, so some have been wondering why Snapchat hasn’t done more to innovate (in recent years) – instead of letting another app overtake it. This dark mode should show you that they are trying new things, but don’t be surprised if there is no news or update over a long period of time. It takes time to build up something that has become as popular as Snapchat, but we think they can compete if they can keep bringing in new features like night mode on snapchat! If you want to learn more about How to turn on dark mode for snapchat, read our full guide by visiting here!

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