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Shees Park: Sharjah's newest and most stunning attraction!


Have you heard of Shees Park Sharjah in Khorfakkan? If not, you’re missing out! It’s the newest and most stunning attraction in Sharjah with its beautiful manicured lawns, stocked lakes, running and walking trails, outdoor gym equipment, playgrounds, event spaces, and more. If you live in or near Khorfakkan, you’ll be happy to know that your city has received another major upgrade!


What is the new park?

A park is a place where people go to relax, be with family and friends, play sports, exercise or just enjoy nature. The new Shees Park in Khorfakkan aims to provide all of these activities under one roof. Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year it will cater for everyone from toddlers to adults through its superb facilities. It is also hoped that it will encourage people to walk around Khorfakkan as they have lots of activities on offer.


How can I get there?

Shees Park is located in Khorfakkan, which is not too far from Sharjah. You can either drive or take a taxi to get there, as there are no buses that stop nearby. If you’re coming from Dubai via Al-Ain road, turn left after Gharam bridge and continue on that road for about 15 minutes until you reach Khorfakkan city. From there it should only be another 5 minutes of driving.


What are my entrance fees?

Entrance to Shees Park is free of charge. However, you can purchase Park Cards for $10 (Adult) and $5 (Child) in case you want to use them. The cards can be used at all parks run by Emalahat; they are valid for one year after purchase.


So what am I going to see?

Shees park is located on top of a mountain that overlooks three large cities. You'll be able to see Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain as if you were in an airplane. Along with great views you can also go shopping or hang out at one of two cafes; how fancy is that? And if you still have energy to burn after all that fun, hike through 5 km of forest trails or race around in 4x4s.


I have kids, do they need an entry ticket too?

Kids are free, but they still need to enter through Shees park’s north gate (the one opposite of where you came in) and get a visitor pass. It’s right there on top of their other entry tickets. Don’t worry; there are plenty of things for them to do while you run around checking out what Shees Park has to offer.


So when can I visit this new park?

As of now, Shees Park is currently under construction. The park is set to open sometime during Summer 2017. While we don’t have an exact date as of yet, you can follow us on Facebook for weekly updates on new attractions and events around town. Stay tuned for more information about Shees Park coming soon!


Is it safe to travel in Sharjah right now?

With recent news stories about civil unrest in nearby Yemen, many foreign tourists are concerned about traveling to or within United Arab Emirates (UAE). To help ease your mind, we’ve written up a list of facts to be aware of before planning your next vacation. No one can say whether or not you will encounter trouble while traveling in Sharjah – but we can tell you that there have been no recent reports of attacks, bombings, or terrorism in either Khorfakkan or Khor Fakkan.


Closing thoughts on Shees Park

Shees park is a nature lover’s paradise. Those who appreciate nature, love to stroll on green grass, hike up hills, take in some fresh air, enjoy amazing views are sure to fall in love with Shees Park. If you haven’t heard of it yet, be sure to put it on your list of places to visit when visiting Khorfakkan. You won’t regret it!

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