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Greetings food lovers! So here’s a question---if you could have a nutritionist with you everywhere you go, would you eat healthier? Well…now’s your chance to put it to the test thanks to our latest graduate of the ! More details here flower plant identification .The new  for iPhone is the quintessential nutritionist in your pocket---and with powered voice search capabilities, it will change the way you think about and search for healthier food choices!

So how does  work? This innovative applications draws from the expertise of medical professionals, registered dieticians and nutritionists to provide personalized dining suggestions designed to help you eat healthier wherever you happen to be. So whether you’re craving cheese or chocolate (or perhaps both!), the awesome  voice search functionality lets you simply say the name of the food or ingredient you want and  will deliver you a list of local restaurants offering precisely what you want---and it even shows you the nutritional details of the menu! And for you aspiring chefs our there, you can even dictate your own recipes with so your favorite dishes are never out of reach!

So whether you’re in the home, at work or just plain on-the-go,  is the perfect companion to keep you honest! To see Bon’App in action, check out the demo . And to find out more about the app and how it works.

So what can you do with ? With you can quickly and easily speak text for emails, SMS messages, Facebook updates, Twitter posts and much more---no typing required. And dictating your text is up to 5 times faster than typing---so you’ll save yourself some much needed time! And  makes finding the information you want on the Mobile Web a snap! Just speak your query and Search will deliver you instant access to  the information you seek right from your mobile device! 
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