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Yan Qing admires him for this, but she will conquer him. Enjoying the drop of water sliding down the man's lower abdomen, and then sliding down … 'Gu Dong ', vigorously swallowed saliva, fantasized about the slightly bulging part of the cloth, suddenly dry mouth, well, she admitted that she was still an unconscious baby, even kissed the man's mouth, let alone the man's there, finished, the line of sight can not be separated. Look away. Come on.. Forget it, if you can't move it, you can continue to watch it. After looking at it for a while, you feel hot all over your body. I only saw AV once. At that time, it was a nosebleed. Compared with the leading actor of AV, the one in front of you can be said to be ten thousand times stronger. His footsteps began to move forward uncontrollably. The woman's eyes were like a wolf like a tiger, which made Liu Xiaolong speechless again. He had ever seen such a shameless man before. "What do you want to do?" He said coldly. "Nothing, just take a look!" When answering, the eyes did not leave, the little hand pressed the beating heart, the little face was gradually covered with red clouds, and finally the little hand reached out to the sexy bullet underwear. Do you have eyes on your hands? The voice is very low,pipe cantilever rack, obviously do not want to say a word, but now have to say. Yan Qing was stunned and stared at the man with a bad face. "How can I look at it if I don't open it?" Really, is a big man still afraid of being seen by others? Nonsense so much, is very bold and unconstrained to remove the man's last bit of shame, instant eyes wide open: "Hiss!"! You have a lot of material! Some female nearly saliva did not flow out, in the eye suffused with blue light, seem to really want to swallow the other side in the abdomen. Liu Xiaolong quietly squint at the inkstone, seemingly expressionless,radio shuttle racking, but the corner of the eye has been unconsciously cramping, it seems that it is very unexpected that women will be unrestrained to such an extent. A full head of black hair has been thoroughly wet, flashing fluorescent light, a few naughty Liuhai drops a drop of water, along the carved cheeks into the neck, as if the girl's lips kissed, leaving a water light. Change. It's getting bigger! Hearing this, Liu Xiaolong lowered his eyes and saw that he had completely awakened. The sexy and prominent Adam's apple rolled for a while. He turned his eyes to the woman's body again, but could not concentrate on her face. Instead, he scanned all the way down along the looming collarbone, and finally fixed it on the woman's beautiful buttocks. Eagle-like sharp eyes seem to be with plunder, but also to see through each other in general. Yan Qing gathered his eyebrows and felt two burning eyes looking straight at her body. He slanted his head and looked at her buttocks. He quickly stepped back. For the first time, he was seen by a man without clothes, as if his buttocks were on fire. His face was even hotter. At the age of twenty-six, he was still an old nv and was laughed at many times. Isn't it the man's fault? If you can handle a few big cases, won't you have time to think about getting married? Hands akimbo, Steel racking system ,heavy duty warehouse rack, like an animal trainer, tilted his head and looked at the man arrogantly: "What are you thinking about?" "I'm thinking what you're thinking!" The man was bored and decided not to look any more, but his body was really honest, and there was a little blush on his handsome face. Is it? Since you want to, I won't stand on ceremony! He bent down to pick up the kitchen knife and comforted the man by saying, "It should be painful. You should endure it." Seemingly unexpected again, Liu Xiaolong looked at Yan Qing in disbelief and shouted, "How dare you!" Yan Qing's hand holding the knife tightened for a moment, followed by a tremor in the tip of her heart. She swallowed saliva. Damn, she was afraid that he was a turtle. She hated him and said, "Do you dare me?" The cold eyes gradually narrowed into a line. Looked for a while, Yan Qing put aside the line of sight, well, she admitted that the man's eyes deterrent enough, people can not help but produce invisible fear, but it is very incomprehensible to carry the knife on the shoulder, pulled the same spit: "You are not the same as I think?" "What are you thinking?" "See if there's a bone in your dick!" "How can there be bones in that place?" "You'll know if you cut it or not?" With these words, he stretched out his knife. This book is first published by this site, please do not reprint! Chapter 12 he begged her. Liu Xiaolong mercilessly closed his eyes, then turned his eyes to the bright silver weapon, as if he knew that the other side was not joking, a trace of fear spread in his face. Oh Yan Qing finally saw the man's frightened expression, and his heart beat wildly, right, right! This is the expression that she wants, holding a knife to continue to approach, deliberately frighten: "Very afraid ah?"? Beg me, beg me to keep your whole body! Ah! This feels better than a big case, doesn't it? I'm so excited. The woman's abnormal expression makes Liu Xiaolong completely speechless, but trapped, his fists are almost crushed, the eyes under the lens are no longer calm, revealing humiliation and obvious resentment, I do not know whether to hate the body that can not move or hate the woman's abnormal, in short, at this moment he has been unable to force down. Don't beg, right? Then I'll operate! "Please!" Two words squeeze out from the teeth, although said very reluctantly, but also can see is the limit of the man. Yan Qing pouted and whistled. Holding a knife, he leaned close to the man and said, "Do you know that you look like a man in Jin Yong's works now?" Liu Xiaolong slanted his head coldly, apparently knowing that the other side was humiliating and simply ignored it. Linghu Chong! Some female laugh is very evil. Sure enough, the man turned his eyes back and looked at the woman doubtfully, as if he was not disgusted with the name. Yan Qing continued to raise his lips: "Master, Yue Buqun!" The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and his face turned dark in an instant. Throw away the kitchen knife and gently push aside the gold-rimmed glasses that are not suitable for men. Once again, she was stunned. Her beautiful and matchless face was shining like the best warm jade. Her beautiful thin lips were tight and bloodshot, as if they were the most perfect cherry blossoms in full bloom. Like a woman's mouth, the outline was sharp and sensual. This was the cleanest and most perfect lip she had ever seen. She had an impulse to kiss. The most beautiful thing was the eyes, which had been blocked by lenses and not really seen,warehouse rack manufacturer, like two cold pools, quiet, cold and gloomy. She knew that he was very angry at the moment. A person who had never tried to fail suddenly suffered a disastrous decline.
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