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Blackie raised his head and called out, suddenly a huge wing, unexpectedly formed a strong whirlwind to lift the jumping green fire wolves back, but these green fire wolves are not ordinary wolves, a All of them are the monsters of the innate realm in the flood and famine. These green fire wolves rolled to the ground in the air, and then jumped and howled again to bite Xiaohei. See small black wings a flash, then soar into the sky, fly tens of meters high, those green fire wolves are also jumping up, but although they are fierce, can only jump seven or eight meters, but is Far from the height of Blackie. Boom! A huge purple thunder and lightning came out of the cloud and went straight down to the small black below. Not good Qin Yu's face changed, he saw some of the main points about the robbery in Lei Wei's collection of Xiuzhen secret books, flying to cross the robbery is more dangerous than crossing the robbery on the ground, no. The black eagle is a bird, not a person, perhaps a little better, but Qin Yu's heart is also no spectrum. Blackie sent out a shrill cry, his wings flashed with lightning, dazzling, and his wings closed directly, forming a shield to directly resist the thunder. Boom! Purple thunder and lightning, like Thor's hammer,die casting parts, crashed on Blackie's wings, and Blackie fell to the ground from a high altitude with a straight "Peng" sound, shaking the ground. This is the third lane Sky thunder is much more powerful than the second one. Blackie only removes a small part of the thunder and lightning, and most of it is forced to bear. Blackie! Qin Yu was taken aback. "The leader of the Green Fire Wolf, who stood proudly on a huge rock by the lake, howled continuously.". The green fire wolf in the mountain forest is still constantly rushing out, as if there is no end, at the moment the green fire wolf has reached six or seven hundred. With the howl of the leader of the Green Fire Wolf,Steel investment casting, there is an approach. Four hundred green fire wolves surrounded Qin Yu, and two or three hundred attacked Xiaohei. Hundreds of green fire wolves howled and pounced on the fallen black eagles. In an instant, dozens of green fire wolves pounced on the black eagles, flashed their sharp teeth and began to bite. Inside three layers outside three layers, hundreds of green fire wolves completely surrounded Qin Yu, Qin Yu simply can not escape the encirclement, the most strange is that the hundreds of green fire wolves only. Is around Qin Yu [strange book net] whole. Riti . Supply There was no attack. Blackie! Looking at countless wolves toward Xiaohei, Qin Yu's heart was like a knife. Xiaohei is Qin Yu's best partner, from childhood to now, Qin Yu spent most of his time with Xiaohei, Qin Yu. Glancing at hundreds of green fire wolves, the intention to kill gallops. Suddenly, a sharp eagle sound rose into the sky, a purple lightning burst out completely, running between all the bodies of the green fire wolves on the small black body, only to hear a sound. With a wail, titanium machining parts ,metal stamping parts, the green fire wolves twitched, and then "Boom!" With a sound, Xiaohei's huge wings fanned dozens of green fire wolves. Xiaohei looked at Qin Yu, whose eagle eyes exude the same feelings as human beings. Qin Yu clearly felt the feelings of Xiao Hei. Haha ~ ~ ~ Xiaohei, don't worry, it's just hundreds of wolf cubs. You can cross the robbery at ease, and I'll destroy them. Qin Yu heroic, "for a long time, for a long time not this kind of blood boiling." Feel it. The energy of Qin Yu's whole body is surging. The leader of the Green Fire Wolf seemed to feel something was wrong, and immediately howled, and hundreds of Green Fire Wolves immediately attacked Qin Yu like moths to the fire. Meteor tears, please! Qin Yu secretly said in his heart. Just now Qin Yu chest wound only after a while unexpectedly completely recovered, leaving only a layer of light scars, meteor tears to restore the strength of the injury, this is Qin Yu's strongest reliance. See only Qin Yu's whole person moved completely. Shadow, fist shadow, leg shadow, sword shadow! As long as the shadow passed, a green fire wolf fell to the ground wailing, or dead, or rolling wailing, 108 air columns completely around the body, Qin Yu's speed with the body, has reached a terrible. Realm, kill move lift weight if light, or finger gently, or at will Yan blazing sword a stroke, is to kill. Ao Ao Ao ~ ~ "The howl of the leader of the Green Fire Wolf became more and more urgent.". Hundreds of green fire wolves are increasing in speed, biting crazily, the death of their companions, the blood of their companions will only make them more crazy, regardless of life, these green fire wolves are only for Qin Yu's body. The next scar, Yan Chi Fist Glove, Yan Chi Sword all used, Qin Yu broke out the strongest attack. Puff ~ ~ A green fire wolf scratched Qin Yu's abdomen with one claw, and blood immediately flowed down. Poof! The shadow of a sword flashed, and the head of the green fire wolf fell. Unexpectedly is the congenital limit green fire wolf, the attack strength and that green fire wolf leader are almost the same. Qin Yu immediately repeatedly points, trying to slow down the blood flow in his body, but the abdomen. The wound was too big, and he had no time to treat so many desperate attacks from the Green Fire Wolf. The little black eagle was crying, and there were also two or three hundred green fire wolves around it. Rumbling ~ ~ ~ "Thunder rolling, a pressure once again covered down, even the speed of the Green Fire Wolf is a slow, it is clear that the fourth day of the most severe thunder will fall." Then, Xiaohei could not care about anything else, so he could only take off to prepare for the fourth thunder. Episode 4 Star Change Chapter 4 Spiritual Sound Transmission A cool feeling came from the abdominal wound, a clear stream from the "meteor tears" and then into the wound, Qin Yu's injury is rapidly recovering at a visible speed, the speed of fresh blood also began to slow down. This group of children is really difficult to deal with! Qin Yu cursed in a low voice,alloy die casting, and his hands became more and more merciless and cruel. He dared not stop fighting at all, and his speed was completely up to the limit. He kept moving and killing these green fire wolves with his blazing gloves and blazing swords at the same time. The blazing gloves and blazing swords of Zhongpin Lingqi were extremely powerful. There were four or five hundred green fire wolves just around Qin Yu, but in a short time Qin Yu had killed more than a hundred green fire wolves.
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