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To go or not. This is a question, to be honest, he really does not want to go, but if not, as an otaku, how can he go to three other people? Cough, Mu Sanxin already has the consciousness of being a "mistress". [Editor's Note: If you want, you can sign up for A-level writers, and the treatment is the same as those first-line writers.] [Edit Only: How about that?] [Half-hearted: Okay, when?] [Editor's Note: Are you in R City? I'm going there on a business trip. I'll contact you then. Mu Sanxin touched his chin, turned off QQ, and then used to brush his neck. The huge number of messages and private messages made him not even have the desire to complain. Mu Sanxin opened the door and shouted "Mom" outside. The current mother of "Mu Sanxin" who was watching Korean dramas wiping her tears and blowing her nose hurried over, "What's wrong with the baby?" “……” Mu Sanxin, "Mom, don't call me baby." "Well, mom won't call anymore." Mother Mu smiled. "Do you want to drink juice? Mom, can I get you a drink? Former "Mu Sanxin" as a curtilage man, or a bad-tempered curtilage man, there is such a gentle and patient mother who does not know how many lifetimes of good fortune. No,silk ficus tree, mom, I want to go out, you help me. Mother Mu turned pale with fright. "What horse?!" Mu Sanxin "." Mother Mu said, "When you were a child, your mother sent you to kindergarten. You were almost taken away secretly. If your father hadn't been vigilant in elementary school, you would have been abducted and sold. In junior high school.." Mom, I just want to meet my editor. Besides,Faux cherry blossom tree, I'm all grown up now. Mother Mu was so worried that her youngest son was so cute when he was very young that he wanted to commit a crime at a glance. Now that he has grown up, he wants to commit a crime when he sees it. So his family doesn't trust him to go out to work. They simply get a freelance job. Anyway, there is only one youngest son, and there is a tough sister who can take care of him. The money saved is enough for his son to eat and drink all his life. Under the strong insistence of Mu Sanxin, Mu's mother finally agreed to go out to see the so-called editor, and solemnly put forward it as a family event at dinner. Mu Sanxin's current sister immediately said that she would follow him. Mu's current father agreed very much, and even wanted to follow him. After a series of struggles and repeated exhortations from family members, Mu Sanxin, who was fully armed, got the right to go out, but he had to keep the phone open at any time so that he could check the guard. Looking in the mirror, he could not recognize who he was. Mu Sanxin took a selfie. It was posted on Weibo. This is me, everyone is disappointed, outdoor ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, hehe. Behind each "Hehe", there is a story of SB. As soon as Mu Sanxin's micro-blog came out, a large number of messages below began to brush the screen again. Dada is joking, this. This is clearly a strange sorghum! Is this a deliberate self-destruction, my Lord? Do idols all die in the light? Mu Sanxin put away his mobile phone contentedly and went out to see the editor comfortably, but he didn't know that an editor who was also brushing his neck was shocked when he saw the news and asked his friend who came with him, "This.." How did the beauty become like this?! Isn't my sixth sense working?! The man who had been lounging in his chair glanced at him. "Have you ever had a sixth sense?" "Hey, what do you mean." Only scratching his head, "but even if it's not me, he must know who the person in that picture is, if he can find out who it is." The man didn't even bother to talk to him and continued to close his eyes. Mother Mu's skill of dressing up people is very good, and the skill of destroying people is not bad. Mother Mu Sanxin walked in the street, and no one wanted to get close to him all the way. When she entered the coffee shop, she just caught up with a little girl coming out of it. Mother Mu Sanxin gave way. Who knows that people not only did not appreciate it, but also rolled their eyes at mother Mu Sanxin! Mu Sanxin silently swallowed a mouthful of blood, too bullying, do you want to judge people by their appearance! When Mu Sanxin found the table, facing the eyes of two strange men and the cold attitude, the mood that there was still a little expectation was completely extinguished. The editor is the only one who is not as attentive as when he was on the Internet. He solemnly said to Mu Sanxin, "I've already tried to fight for the website, but unfortunately, your current situation does not meet the conditions for A-level signing, so if you like.." Smash the table! There's a yarn to talk about! The movement of Mu Sanxin standing up interrupted the only chattering words, "What's wrong with you?" What's going on? No, sign me! Mu Sanxin Ao Jiao snorted, a complete word is too lazy to say, very imposing turned away. The only ".." I.. I didn't do anything. This guy has a bad temper. Little did they know that the small flame of anger in the heart of Mu Sanxin had burned into a raging fire, judging people by their appearance, right? Talking doesn't count!? I'm not keeping a low profile! I will be high-profile, I will take a selfie, not only take a selfie, but also upload it! Let you look down on people. The blackened Mu Sanxin went home and locked the door, took several pictures, and then chose one that he thought was almost the same and posted it on Weibo. Very angry today, the original professional writer is so difficult to be! Originally, everyone was still arguing about whether the photo that looked like a strange millet was a real person, but when it was intense, such a micro-blog came when the fight was hot, and now the fans completely exploded! For a time, the positive photos of this chapter were forwarded countless times, and even the headlines of the Internet were hung with such news. Peerless Beauty Appears on the Internet! Suspected writer of a station!] [Internet "Sleeping Brother" is really beautiful!] Then Mu Sanxin Weibo constantly has a guy who claims to be an agent who wants a live video or even a meeting. After all, it's just such a photo,artificial coconut palm trees, or some uncertainty about whether it's me or not. Mu Sanxin doesn't reply to a private message, and uploads a few photos, then shuts down and goes to bed.  
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