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Some of us just literally see exercise as more challenging
We start our new sports life "on Monday", in the new month, in the new year after one game of cs go , after one spin in paws of fury slot . But soon our determination melts away and we drop our workouts a few days later.

"Of course, there is no simple answer as to why this happens. But one reason is that our internal view of the subject can work against us. Some of us just literally see exercise as more challenging than others," says Emily Balsetis.

The researcher came to this conclusion as a result of the following tests. Their participants had to walk a certain distance with weight. But first, their physical condition (waist-to-hip ratio) was measured. Before the start, everyone was asked to estimate the distance to the finish line.

Those who were in the worst physical condition (their waist-thigh index was higher) seemed to have a longer distance. As a result, Emily Balsetis and her colleagues concluded: "The physical condition of the participants in the experiment influenced their perception of their surroundings.

But so can our brains. In fact, our relation to the world around us is influenced by our brain and body in equal measure." This is what the second test confirmed. It turned out that the more motivated participants, regardless of their physical condition, perceived the distance to be shorter.
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