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When School Sucks! What to Do If Your Child Hates School

Anxiety, loneliness, bullies, boredom, and trouble learning, all of these can cause your child to hate school, so what is going on and how can you help?

As school begins so does the anxiety, will my child hate school again this year? Children that once loved learning, are turning overnight into these creatures that we do not recognize, coming home moody, hating school and not wanting to return. What is a parent to do? The prospect of making a child do something they hate does not appeal to many parents, and so at this point, you might start looking for other options. Before making decisions about those options though, look at some of the common causes for why children hate school.

Why Some Children Hate School

According to the school guidance counselor and online blogger Scott who usually do my homework for money, there are a few very good reasons why a child might hate school.

  • Child lacks friends or solid friendships.
  • Feeling as though they do not fit in, feeling like an outcast.
  • Bullies or being teased because of the way they look or act.
  • Child has a hard time keeping up with the course material, may need tutoring.
  • Already understanding the course material is making them bored.

Scott recommends finding the underlying cause of things by sitting down, talking with your child and perhaps having a meeting with their teachers or guidance counselor. When you sit down with someone from the school make sure that, you do not approach him or her as though this were his or her fault. Simply explain that you want to understand what is making your child so unhappy.

Could Illness or Depression be the Problem?

Sue Browder writes in her article When Your Child Hates School, to be aware that there might be a physical problem for this. Is he or she having a hard time reading because they need glasses, do they have a hard time listening because of hearing problems. Speaking with your child’s physician can help to alleviate the problem. One student that had 20/20 vision still required glasses in order to help focus on the words, once it was determined that he had a vision problem his attitude toward school greatly improved.

Other conditions that Browder mentions is depression, if your child is facing depression or anxiety or there are problems at home this can spill over into their academic life making school harder. Seeking advice from an expert in this field can help a great deal you as parents, as well as your child, start enjoying learning again.

My Child Still Hates School, Should I Home School?

If you have tried talking to teachers, and exhausted all other routes, having found that your child simply is not happy with school there are other options. Homeschooling is one of them, by allowing your child to learn at home you can change some of the rules that make learning uncomfortable for them. For starters, they can learn at their own pace rather than having to wait for the other students or trying to keep up.

Cynthia Ulrich Tobias from the custom essay help service, in her book I hate School, writes that it is little things like not allowing snacks or drinks in the class room that can make learning harder on the student. She remarks that for a child watching their teacher snack and drink coffee during class but being denied these simple luxuries themselves can be aggravating. Tobias suggests that we accommodate students in the classroom, and while waiting for the school system to catch up with Tobias’s ideas a parent has the option to bring the classroom home. Learning from home means that your child will be able to have food or drink whenever they need it.

She also writes about how we all do better at different times of the day, why would a child be any different. If you are a night person, you might better understand that your son or daughter is a night person also, and therefore has a harder time concentrating early in the morning. Since most schools are not able to adjust their schedule in such a way, home education might be better.

There are many options out there to help a parent and struggling child, to regain the love of learning necessary to sustain them through their lives. Help is just a click away.

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