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People have no balance on what they are eating every day. Many testimonials of obese people who have lost weight have said that, they never maintained their calorie levels daily, they had no control over it and they kept eating till they were tired. But once they started maintaining a diary on the intake of calories they have in a day that changed the whole perspective for them. 

They also made a point of exercising for one hour in a day, which is said to be more than enough period to lose on extra fats in a day. When you’ve thought about a dream cruise, you may have been concerned that your best intentions about eating nutritiously and exercising regularly would…well…jump ship. Until fairly recently, that used to be the case. 

Now, while enjoying delicious meals is still a part of the cruising experience, it’s not the defining one. Most cruise lines offer healthier, lower-fat dinner options and are also more than willing to accommodate special dietary requests. “While on a cruise, it’s important-and easy-to concentrate on the three key areas of healthy living: food, body and mind,” says Lisa Talamini.

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