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Spring Poetry Ideas

Take Advantage of Great Weather to Motivate Students

Focus on poetry in spring and celebrate National Poetry Month in April. The beautiful weather can inspire students to write vivid poetry. Also, beautiful weather help writing essays.
Spring weather makes students long to go outside. Give in to the students' spring fever and meander in nature for a little while, all in the name of poetry. It will be a nice break from the norm and allow creativity to flow.

Celebrate National Poetry Month

The spring daffodils not only perk up most student's spirits, they also usher in April, which is National Poetry Month. The Academy of American Poets started the celebration in April of 1996. Some of the goals of the Academy for National Poetry Month are that poets be highlighted and that more poetry be included in the school curriculum. Teachers can help this cause by trying different poetry activities. The website gives tips and ideas for classroom teachers.

Outside "Field Trip" Can Inspire Poetry

Writing poetry during the spring months can also allow for "field trips" outside of the classroom so that students can find inspiration. Sending students outside with a notebook and pencil will generally not be a productive use of time. Middle school students need specific instructions. In preparation of this glorious time outside, prepare a handout with directions.

It is best if students have read model poetry previously. Collect as many books with nature or spring-themed poetry as possible to share with the students.

Some typical types of poems that students can try to write are the haiku or free verse poems. According to the essay writing help service, the classic Japanese haiku focuses on nature. These three lines of poetry can be very meaningful, and word choice is so important. If students want to try free-verse poetry, they should try to use a few poetry techniques.

Nature Poetry Activity Directions

One way to organize the "trip" is to tell students to find something outside that has beauty. It could be a flower, a leaf, or a cloud. Or it could be interesting bark from a tree, a striped rock, or even a spider web dripping with dew. Tell students to try to find beauty in everyday items outside.

For this activity, the teacher will need a digital camera. After each student finds an item of beauty, the teacher needs to take a picture of it so that the student may have a copy and for the presentation later.

Once students have found an item, they should make a descriptive list of the item. Tell students that their poetry should have vivid imagery. Then they should write why they find the item beautiful.

If a student feels compelled to write some poetry while on the trip, the student can begin. If the students are not comfortable writing poetry, they can begin the poem after the class has gone inside. Once inside, the teacher can print off a photo of the item of beauty for each student. The students can then use the photo and brainstormed list as inspiration to write the poem.

When the poems are finished, students should share the poems with the class. While the student reads the poem to the class, the photo should be projected or shown. In addition, the student could select music to be played as the poem is read.

Students will enjoy this activity because they will go outside and be will be allowed to play favorite music during class. The best part is that they are writing poetry about something in which they find beauty. It is interesting to see what students choose as an item of beauty and even more intriguing to hear the wonderful poem presentations.

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