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The review of academic texts is not so different from any other. However, some of your specific points have to be noted. This is because academic genres are very “square”, that is, there is a lot of delimitation in their forms. More than in any other genre, it is necessary to follow exactly what is expected from an academic text. An article was provided by pay someone to write my paper. If you liked article give them a look! The first important task to be done, even before starting to produce the text, is to determine the gender worked (CBT, dissertation , thesis etc.). Only with this type of “north” is it possible to guarantee that the review will fulfill its role.

What not to do when reviewing academic texts
After defining the genre and producing the text, it's time to review what has been done. In this article, we will list 7 mistakes you should not make when reviewing academic texts . Check out!

Escaping the proposed genre
Especially in the initial years of graduation, students find it very difficult to understand academic genres. This is because there is an abyss between what we produce at school and what we produce at university.

So focus on the objective of the work. A summary is different from a review, for example, although the two genres have similar characteristics. In the step of reviewing academic texts , make sure that you have met all the requirements of the genre.

Bonus tip: use the wrong language
The science we create can manifest itself in the objects we use, in the way we conduct our government and even in our relationships. Therefore, this type of knowledge is of collective interest.

From that, in the revision of your academic texts , keep the language as impersonal and objective as possible. Do not speak directly to your reader or demonstrate your authorship. Avoid using the first and third person singular (me / she / he). For example, any magazine would end up rejecting a text like this article that you are reading now.

Uncomplicated review of academic texts
Finally, we hope you are more comfortable submitting your work. How about taking advantage of the tips and creating a checklist to not forget any important points?

So, have you ever spent time with an academic text? Has any of your work ever been rejected for a silly question unrelated to the content? Tell us here in the comments!

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