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In this article I will provide a comprehensive list of cures and prevention for toenail fungus. Just remember that most of the time the best Fungus Eliminator Review treatment is prevention. So keep reading!

* Stop wearing dirty socks. Wearing dirty socks can encourage fungal growth because they can hold the moisture and soil from feet.

* Wash your feet often. Also, do not wear shoes with rubber soles because they can also cause a fungal infection.

Washing the affected nails several times a day with a nail care soap will help the fungus to be wiped off. Once the fungus is gone, then you should dry the foot and rub in the nail care soap to help in toenail fungus cures.

As the fungus grows, it will become resistant to the treatment, so you have to constantly be on the look out for infections. Vinegar and soaps can both cause infections, so keep an eye out for these.
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